Hello 5678 Dance Families!

The Show Must Go On! The coronavirus concerns may have forced us to close the 5678 building, but your classes will continue. More than ever our kids will need to get some exercise and physical activity. Sticking to our weekly routine that includes dance class is a great way to keep moving. We also do not want to lose any of the training that we have done to be ready for our recital. We hope our virtual classes will be a great way to seamlessly transition once we are back in the studio.  Our team here at 5678 is dedicated and working hard to keep these classes going.


Starting Monday, March 30th, our students will be taking their classes VIRTUALLY through the parent portal. You will still get teacher instruction and be able to work on your recital dances from the comfort of your home. Your parent portal will receive videos at Noon on the same day as your regularly scheduled class that you can then view anytime. So let's put on our dance clothes, find an open area in our home, use a kitchen counter as your ballet barre, grab your computer or phone, and click to join your virtual class.  

Please watch this video to learn how to access class videos through the parent portal:


Here is an outline of the steps mentioned in the video:

Parent Portal Virtual Instructions

  1. Go to our website 
    1. Www.5678dancestudio.net
  2. Click on Parent Portal & Sign in
  3. Pan down to your student
    1. Click on “View Student”
    2. Click on “Skills”
    3. Under current week Click on “View skills details”
    4. Click on the videos starting with #1
  4. Find Dance Notes
    1. Click on “Dashboard”
    2. Pan down to desired class 
    3. Click on “Student's Class”
    4. Click on “Recital Dance Notes”
  5. Follow same steps above for multiple classes or multiple students


Please note that Rhythm! Dancers will be receiving rehearsal videos through SLACK.  Please be sure to have your SLACK notifications turned on and plan to hear from me on Tuesdays.


At this point we are still VERY hopeful that our recital can go on as planned.  I have gotten some emails regarding the recital keepsake orders being due on April 6th.  We will be extending that due date to April 25th.  Also, please order with confidence; if we would have to cancel/adjust our recital you would be contacted about a refund on those keepsakes.


We will NOT be closing for the Easter Break that was originally planned, April 13th-16th.  We will still have virtual lessons that week if we are not back in the studio.  That will take the place of the one week that the studio was closed and you paid for already.  This week (spring break) was already on the schedule as a non-paid week and is not included in your tuition fee. 

Thank you again to everyone for your support through this uncertain time! We will do everything we can to keep our students and teachers continuing to do what they love...