Our Culture


1. Inspiring

We will bring our extreme passion for dance and life to each situation in the studio.  We will inspire not only our students, but our co-workers, parents of students and peers.  We will work hard to have our classes be in line with what is current in the dance industry.

2. Ownership

We will take pride in all of the actions we take in our role as teachers, leaders, choreographers and role-models. 

3. Success

We will always do our best and encourage others to do the same to allow our studio to grow as a respected organization.

4. Organized

We will always have everything in order and systemized so our customers will be able to easily get information on everything about our studio.

5. Professional

We will be qualified to address every matter with using our knowledge gained in each area.  We will always keep our customers feeling that they can trust and respect our skills and decisions.

6. Consistent

We will offer an environment where our customers feel comfortable returning year after year because they know what we will deliver. 

7. Caring

We will always use a caring, nurturing attitude in and out of the studio.  Our students will feel at ease at all times because of the warmth we will provide.  We will get to know them as people.

​8. Fun

Fun will always be our driving force.  We will always be sure our students leave our classes feeling a sense of happiness and fulfillment.

9. Patience

Our love of children will always be the reason we will remain patient as they develop in their abilities and grow into their own person.

10. Teamwork

We will always work together as a team to deliver the best service to our customers.  We will learn from one another and work together to reach our goals.  We will be willing to advise each other and also take in feedback.

11. Motivation

We will always remember that we are helping to shape the lives of many young children and young adults.  We will use our position to motivate them to be the best they can be - in the dance room, and in life.

12. Grateful

Gratitude will be the quality that we exude on a daily basis.  We are grateful for the opportunities we are given to create works of art, develop friendships and work relationships, to inspire, to dance, to teach, to live and to have this list continue.