Recital 2019 - And the Award Goes To...


Welcome to the RECITAL 2019 Information Page!

There's so much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about the upcoming recital.   Please note that all of the information and forms below will be given out with May's newsletter during the first week of May.

​​STUDIO Dress Rehearsal:  JUNE 3RD -6TH

 June 3rd - 6th Students will have a dress rehearsal at the studio during their regular class time.   Students should wear regular dance clothes to class and bring their costume along.  We will warm-up first and then change into the costumes.  Please be sure to have the correct tights by this day.  If you are unsure what color tights they need please ask or check the costume book.  Details on hair and accessories can also be found in the there.  Please click this link to view the costume book.    All dancers must have tights sold in the studio.    This is also the last week of class. 

OAC Dress Rehearsal: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12TH

Please note that the dress rehearsal is not the same order as the recital.  Please be ready to perform at the time(s) listed on the schedule.  Please bring your costume, tights, shoes, and accessories.  When you enter the auditorium lobby you will see signs to your child’s dressing room.  After you get your child dressed in their costume go into the auditorium and sit in the seats marked with the name of their dance.  The OAC has asked dancers to wear a cover-up over their costume while in the auditorium so they don’t get glitter and sequins on the carpet and chairs.  Someone from my staff will then come and get the class when it’s their time to perform.  Right after they dance they will get their group picture taken backstage and then will be brought back to you in the auditorium.  We will practice the finale’ at 5:00, 6:30, and 8:00pm.  Your child may practice the finale’ at the time most convenient for you.  After your child has rehearsed their dance and the finale’ you are free to leave. 



#1  -   Thursday, June 13th 6:00 PM
#2  -    Friday, June 14th 6:00PM     

#3  -    Saturday, June 15th 2:00PM
                   (Please see your May Newsletter for which shows you are in) 

TICKETS: $13.00

On sale beginning Saturday, May 4th at 8am


Dancers need to be ready 15-20 minutes before the recital begins.  Please remember that no men are allowed in the dressing rooms.  (All dancers will remain in the dressing room with the room mom during the entire recital.)  Doors will open for the audience to enter the auditorium a 1/2 hour before each show.  The show will be 1 1/2 - 2 hours long and end with the finale’.  After the finale’ all students with their room mom will go back to their dressing rooms.  You will need to come and get them from the dressing room after the recital.  Please bring your costume, tights, shoes, accessories, water bottle, a neat snack, a beach towel to sit on and a toy, game or something to do while in the dressing room.  Please do not wear jewelry or fingernail polish.  All students should have their hair pulled back away from their face in the style noted for their costume.  

Room moms are needed backstage on Recital days.  


After signing up please stop at the front desk to receive your room mom packet.


Rhythm! Dancers, our traveling performance team will be selling fresh flowers and Gift Bags, with a dance journal, pen and stickers inside, at the Oconomowoc Arts Center as a fundraiser.  Just tell us which recital day you want them and we’ll make sure they are available to be picked up at your dancer’s performance!  See if any Aunts, Uncles, or Grandparents would like to order too.  The flower bouquets are wrapped in plastic and tied with a ribbon.   Preorder flowers at $12.00 each or $14.00 at the recital. Preorder gift bags at $16.00 each or $18.00 at the recital. Please preorder by Thursday, May 16th. A limited supply will be available for purchase at the recital.    Thank you!!

Click Here for the Flower/Gift Bag Order Form


“Moments and Memories” will be taking individual and group pictures at dress rehearsal - Wednesday, June 12th.  Individual pictures will be taken in the lobby at the back of the auditorium if you would like them.  Please be sure to do this after your child has danced.  Everyone will be in the group picture taken backstage after they perform.  Please fill out the form and give it to the photographer in the lobby on the day of dress rehearsal.  The photos will be available for pick up at the dance studio at the beginning of August.

Click here for photo order form


Nolan Hurley from Nolanvision will be professionally recording the Thursday, June 13th and Friday, June 14th recitals.  Please fill out the order form and return to the studio or at the OAC ticket table by Friday, June 14th or see instructions on the form to mail it in after that date.

Click here for the DVD/Blu-Ray order form

We hope you are excited for Recital Time!
We can't wait to have you all take the stage!!